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Episode Downloader is designed to help you download free episodes, TV shows and Anime as you want
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1 July 2009

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Since the advent of the television set and the arrival of TV soaps, our daily lives have been bombarded with options for entertainment and information with several channels coming up showcasing diverse content. From wildlife and discovery to talk shows and news forums along with entertainment and interactive shows for kids, the television has proved to be an indispensible part of our lives. Further, with the changing times, old shows go off air and newer ones replace them; however many of us often miss the older ones with a pinch of nostalgia just reliving the memories. Now we can relive the experience of watching our favorite TV shows again and again with the help of Episode Downloader 2.2.0 that facilitates downloading the shows as desired.

Episode Downloader 2.2.0 opens with a dark and vivid looking interface with the options placed intuitively for easy navigation. The process of download is extremely easy; the user first needs to insert keywords in the search tab and click on search, thereafter clicking on the result to download the particular episode. The most practical feature of the application is the in-built converter that can convert the videos and episodes and TV shows to any audio or video format like MP4, MP3, AVI etc. facilitating transfer into any desired device like iPod or Zune. The user can catalogue the downloads as desired on the hard drive and further collect all the media content at one place and search easily whenever required. Moreover, the integrated media player can play all kinds of media files and have a better control over the FLV files.

To sum up, Episode Downloader proves to be an effectual utility for TV lovers and helps them reconnect with their old favorites and hence gets a rating score of four points for its impressive features and usage.

Publisher's description

Episode Downloader is designed to help you download convert free episodes, TV shows and Anime as you want. By entering keywords of the episodes you want to download, you can get a list of related episodes, and then you can choose the best one to download. Highlight of the program is the built-in Episode converter; you can convert Videos, Episodes, and TV Show to any video or audio formats like MP4, AVI, MP3 etc, so transferring your favorite episodes to iPod, PSP, Zune, and iPhone etc becomes easy.
Features Highlight:
1. Search your favorite episodes
Are you fretting to get an episode, Anime or TV show? Use Episode Downloader to search what you want when you want. You will get thousands of related episodes to your desktop by entering one or more keywords and choosing the best to download.
2. All of your favorite media content, all in one place.
You can create your own personalized catalog of episodes, television shows, movies, and Anime - even the videos from your local hard drive.
Batches download episodes without limit
You can download tons of episodes, TV show, and anime at a time without limit. Just add a list of your favorite episodes and let the program run in the background.
3. Built-in Episode Converter
Convert episodes or movies and videos from your local hard drive to other video, audio formats, so that they can be compatible with other Media player and mobile devices like iPod, PSP, Zune and iPhone etc.
The episode you download may be other videos formats like FLV, and you have a video or movie in your local hard drive that you want to convert to other video formats. Built-in episode converter will help you do that.
4. Built-in Media Player
The built-in Media player can play all kinds of Media files and have a better control over FLV files compared to other products. Provides control and flexibility to view what you want, when you want ¡ª whether online or offline.
Episode Downloader
Episode Downloader
Version 2.2
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